News from Trevor

I've kept this blog up to date on what Dallas is doing but have an update finally on the events of my oldest son's life in northern BC.
While recovering from recent back surgery Trevor has been using his creative side and has produced these masterpieces... definitely some skilled craftsmanship at work. The jury is still out on how the back surgery went but hopefully he finds some degree of success.
You can see more pictures by clicking on the title link above.


Its kind of cool what you can do with photos online...




A Blog on Dallas's activities

Instead of my second hand reports -- or 'only' my second hand reports -- we have created a joint blog where Dallas and I can both post and keep you updated on his activities and location.  If you know how, you can add the blog to your live feeds or add the feed to your start page and you'll know when its been updated. If you don't know how I teach a course -- next class starts in October ;)
My other blogs frequently have a lot of the info but this one will focus just on Dallas's military activities.
the blog address is http://yankcanuck.blogspot.com

Sunday Driving

Originally uploaded by Wildflower Tech.
Carson National Forest with new snow in the mountains.


Originally uploaded by Wildflower Tech.
After the sunday drive we stopped to load tools at the shop.


My Son has Wings

Dallas phoned last night after we had gone to bed making it plenty late in GA but he was pretty excited. He had just gotten back from his first night jump -- and it was awesome. He described it as 'Alone in the clear black darkness with not a sound other than the distant drone of the plane and the flutter of the chutes occasionally interrupted by a barked command regarding the target location -- and after landing I laid back to undo my chute and looked up into the night sky and stars and thought to myself -- I just came from up there."
Today is his qualifying jump and then tomorrow morning he gets his wings and is off to RPFT and hopefully a day or 2 to allow his shin splints and stress fractures to heal.


Computer Training: Hard Drive Anniversary

Computer Training: Hard Drive Anniversary

Ft Benning

From Albuquerque to Houston to Nashville to Birmingham to Columbus, Katy and I made it for Dallas's grad. He is currently in Airborne Training.
The trip back was Georgia to Birmingham to Phoenix to Albuquerque. I got home about 2:30 a.m. and had to leave for Durango airport at 3:30 to fly to Des Moines.