Subsidized Health Care

"Canadian Man Dies After 34-Hour Emergency Room Wait, Paper Says

By Alexandre Deslongchamps
Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) -- A Canadian man died after spending 34 hours unattended in the emergency room of a hospital in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Winnipeg Free Press reported today, citing a city health official.
The 45-year-old was dropped off at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre on Sept. 19 and found dead on Sept. 21, the paper reported, citing Brock Wright, the Winnipeg Regional Authority's chief medical officer."

Bloomberg.com: Canada:


U of L Theo Tams wins Canadian Idol

Tams turns Idol into a personal showcase: "In the end, it really was no contest.

University of Lethbridge student Theo Tams was consistently the top performer throughout the 2008 Canadian Idol competition and he was justly rewarded with the Idol title Sept. 10.

It took almost five million votes to put Tams over the top, as he became the sixth winner of the popular television event. Viewers of the competition saw Tams, a 23-year-old Coaldale/Lethbridge resident and U of L student (psychology/music) perform consistently to a point where he and Mitch MacDonald, a 22-year-old carpenter from Port Hood, NS were the last musicians standing."


The Yahoo! Saga

I am still waiting to be able to say this issue, after 2 long months, has finally been resolved but we're not there yet. Its closer -- but still not resolved.

On 8-15-08 I called in again to billing because I have determined they are the only department that seems to actually answer a question and not just read a scripted reply. I was pretty much told the same as always. It is still showing up as an abuse issue but it is being researched. That was about the farthest ahead I had been to date. I mentioned it had been over a month since I had been able to access the email on a mail server I pay for, on a domain registered in my name.

There was a mention of eventual compensation but the situation was currently still being researched.

I asked again if I could at least have my other Yahoo account added as an administrator on my Jim and Wendy email server so I could get in and check my mail. Some serious events in my family had resulted from my not being able to check my mail -- and some drastic oversights in an organization I am in due to emails that did not get delivered. I was still outraged at the whole scenario but even more at the insistance of everyone I talked to that they have no communication with the Abuse department. My only communication with abuse was the replies I got to my online form submission that this was a billing issue.

So one 8-15-08 I again submit a report asking for answers, and I again submit a password reset request. In the middle of the strangeness I received the standard verification email asking for my security answer. I submit the same answer and was more than a little surprised to receive an email shortly after with a password in it. I was almost hesitant as I went to yahoo, entered my user name and the new password and was suddenly in my mail box. I checked the small business server and had access to my domain plan -- and access to my email server. I turned off the catchall mailbox that had been switched on shortly before the incident a month prior.

I went into my mail server and reset my email account password to make sure it had not been changed.

Then I opened Outlook and reset my jimandwendy.com account to automatically check for mail and then I watched -- I watched the little indicator scroll through numbers as it downloaded more than 3000 emails that had been held hostage by Yah00! I cried as I saw how many of these were important requests from members of my org. I cried when I saw how many were from family -- family who thought I had actually received these. I watched, and waited until all of the emails had downloaded into Outlook. Then I began the process of reading through them. It was not easy to sit and look at an email that was a reply from a member, date the day the account was frozen, in reply to an email I had sent the day before. Her military son was home on leave. I had emailed her a detailed plan of how she could take him to dinner somewhere and I would gather up the rest of the members and we would surprise him with a welcome home at the restaurant. I asked her to email me back with the place and time and I would take care of the rest. She had emailed back with the place and the time. I did not take care of the rest. It had to have been heartbreaking for her.

There was an email from a member of my org that was having health issues. She was going in for surgery and asked for my support. There were other emails and as I read through I became more enraged at the fact that a company could simply cut off access, continue to bill me, and not even have the ability to explain why. I attempted to change my password I had been issued and was unable to access the password reset. My access was only partially restored.

On 9/11/08 Yahoo! phoned. I was told it had been determined that even though something had somehow triggered Abuse to suspend my account that it was not an actual Abuse issue. There was no clear explanation but the word 'error' was used. I was also told the investigation and research was still in process and until a clear determination was made there would be no compensation. I was to be satisfied that at this point I now had access to my domain manager and email server. My Yahoo account was active.

Active -- but with no ability to change the password from the assigned one. He tried to determine a technical reason and put me through to the department that would assist me in resetting my password. He stayed on the line and I think I have a sense of gratitude for that. The technician that was assisting me was rude and belittling. She would snarl statements like "close that window right now!" or "Click the little 'x' and close all the windows on your desktop - very good, now tell me what you see" 'I am not able to help you if you refuse to follow instructions." At that point I did not mention I am a certified technician but I did mention that what she thinks the results should be are obviously not. She left the line and was a little nicer when she came back. She said it would be escalated and I would have a reply in 3 to 5 days. We were ending the call and I asked if Billing was still on the line. She snarled "Of course not" and he answered that he was. I believe she left.

But -- this has not ended. My account is partially reactivated but I can't change my password. I can't change and other features although I can edit personal information. I can access my domain control panel and email server. I was told that they have to continue to investigate before they can offer any form of compensation. It was not an abuse issue but continues to be investigated by Yahoo! Abuse. The Billing department has been as helpful as possible -- and often just as frustrated. I sensed the difficulty he had telling me its not over yet -- for the good of the company.