we raked and blew for hours and got them to the curb -- then we turned around and...


Sunday Morning

The view from my backyard!



Moved and waiting for the Truck

We are finally in GJ and now we are waiting for the truck to arrive -- probably next Monday or Tuesday. Today I painted the bedroom and absolutely love it. Excuse the spots -- they were on the lens.
master bedroom blue1
The truck loaded yesterday really quickly and I managed to get everything washed up and the carpets vacuumed before we loaded Jim's truck and headed 'home'.
On a sad note -- my fish didn't all make it. The little ones are fine but lost my 3 big tinfoils and my 2 big cats. The first tinfoil met his demise when he jumped out of the bucket -- I found him under the aquarium on the carpet. His gils were still moving so I put him back in the water and added more before putting the lid on. When I checked a little later he was dead and the other 2 were swimming upside down. By the time we got here the 2 cats were also dead. Its pretty hard not to overcrowd in a 5 gallon bucket wehen one fish was too much.


Almost finished

This load was most of the outside stuff and the big tools. Jim thinks it looks like something from the Grapes of Wrath -- I was thinking Mad Max. No rocking chair so its not a Clampet load.
Grapes of wrath?

Tomorrow we get the keys for the house and I can do some painting before the inside stuff arrives.


Alberta teacher receives 1st residential schools cheque

"An Alberta teacher who spent 10 years in an aboriginal residential school became the first of an estimated 80,000 former students on Thursday to receive her settlement cheque from the federal government. In a ceremony in Edmonton, Phil Fontaine, national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, presented the first cheque to Mary Moonias, who teaches on the Louis Bull Reserve in Hobbema, Alta.
About 80,000 former students can apply for so-called common experience payments — $10,000 for the first year they attended the once-mandatory schools and $3,000 for each subsequent year. Cheques are expected to average $28,000."
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