End of his Leave


From a Canadian Cadet to an American Soldier: End of his Leave

Driving through the mountains

The drive back on September 22 was beautiful with all the fall colors.
following Jim

The drive back on September 25 was beautiful -- with all the snow.

I have yet to make this trip that it is not completely a new view from anything I have seen before.


House and Road

Moving to Grand Junction

Photos of the trips back and forth and also of the house and yard in Grand Junction.


More R&R Pictures

Home for a Visit

On Monday, after a full day of waiting on rescheduled flights, Dallas finally arrived at the airport in Albuquerque. We made it back to Farmington just after midnight and were surprised by an awesome decorating job on the deck by the Blue Star Mom's. Tuesday evening the Blue Star Mother's and several other friends dropped by for cake and a huge welcome home.


The New House

On 1/3 acre -- with an orchard.
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Think You Might Be Addicted to Email?

This is a recent report on the news that I have blogged on my computer training page. I would like to add that if we get snail mail we are quick to go get it if we see the mailman come -- that is not considered an addiction. Email comes in at all times of the day -- like a live feed. If you have an online business that is mainly conducted through email it is probably not an addiction. If we sit down to check our mail several times a day this is probably not an addiction. The high numbers they are referring to are the ones that need to know every time an email arrives -- even while they are sleeping. And on that note -- if you have a son or daughter in Iraq and are waiting to hear from them, then listening for that sound, even at night, is not an addiction either.
I guess my point here is that studies are finding serious addicts but that checking your email does not necessarily make you one of them.

Computer Training: Think You Might Be Addicted to Email?