The Incredible Sweetness Of a Sour Cherry Pie (washingtonpost.com)

By Domenica Marchetti
Special to The Washington Post
Wednesday, June 23, 2004; Page F01
Like so much in life that is desirable, sour cherries are hard to find, hard to keep and worth going after. These ruby-red sour delicacies -- also known as tart cherries and by the old-fashioned term pie cherries -- are delicate, juicy, luscious and mouth-puckering. But their season, especially around here, is all too brief -- the end of June and early July. What's more, they are fragile, so perishable, in fact, that they won't last but a day or so after being picked."

The Incredible Sweetness Of a Sour Cherry Pie (washingtonpost.com):

Sour Cherry Pie
One 9-inch pie
I am a cherry pie purist. I use a minimum of ingredients because I want my pie to taste like cherries. I use as little flour as possible to thicken the filling because I want it to be juicy, not starchy like canned pie filling. If the pie is still very juicy once it has cooled, simply pour out a bit of the liquid.
Pie crust for double-crust pie (store-bought or homemade), chilled
1/4 cup flour, plus additional for work surface
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
2 quarts (6 to 7 cups) fresh sour cherries, carefully washed, stemmed and pitted (may substitute sour cherries jarred in juice, drained and patted dry)
1 tablespoon unsalted butter, cut into small pieces


Midwest Flooding Moves Onto Iowa

We are back in Colorado and I will add a few of my own pictures from in and around Ames, Iowa soon. To be sure -- it was wet. It wasn't raging floods but just completely saturated ground that wouldn't hold any more water -- so it laid on top -- and pooled in lower areas. Ducks and geese were swimming in what should have been corn fields. Local jet ski enthusiast joined them in places. Roads were intermittently closed as water flooded over the top.
In some areas, Des Moines and Cedar Rapids they had massive flooding -- 32 feet above flood levels in places. And it rained -- and rained -- and rained.
This picture is from the news -- taken in Shelby. We stopped there for supper on our way to Ames. It wasn't wet -- it was hot and muggy. I'll post the corn lakes later.
It is good to be back where Jim can breath in the air even if it is thin. The humidity in Iowa landed him in the ER.

"DES MOINES, Iowa — The severe flooding soaking the midwest and southern
plains this week moved onto Iowa Wednesday, after leaving large swaths of Ohio
underwater Tuesday and a trail of deadly destruction in its path.
The death
toll from two storm systems — one in the Upper Midwest and the remnants of
Tropical Storm Erin in Texas and Oklahoma — reached 22 on Tuesday when searchers
found the body of a man tangled in a tree near Lewiston, Minn. Officials in Iowa
are still determining if a death in that state can be attributed to the storm.
In Iowa, widespread flooding continued early Wednesday as thunderstorms
dumped more heavy rain across northern Iowa, which was already flooded from
earlier storms.
Strong winds destroyed buildings, cut off power and left
roads and homes underwater."

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Roses and Snow


Reports of 5 inches of snow on Grand Mesa on Thursday.