More People Want to Pack Heat on Streets

"In Mesa County close to 3,000 people have been issued a concealed weapons permit. But while Amanda Davis and her dog Heineken aren't packing heat today she could if she wanted to.
'I do think they are a good idea, I have one of my own,' says Davis.
And she is not alone. 'My husband just got a concealed weapons permit,' says Tammy Reece.
In February of last year 53 people applied for concealed weapons permits. Last month that number almost tripled to 147. Heather Benjamin with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office says, 'there is absolutely no concern.'" Video

More People Want to Pack Heat on Streets:

Radon: The Silent Killer

"Every year more than 20,000 Americans are diagnosed with a terminal disease caused by a radioactive gas known as radon. Experts say in most cases those people didn't even realize they were being exposed to the gas, or that it was happening right in their homes. While deadly if left untreated, they say it can easily be fixed.
Radon -- it's odorless, tatsteless, colorless, and deadly.
'It is the second leading cause of lung cancer, first for non-smokers,' said Anna Maylett Rice, Mesa County Indoor Air Quality Specialist.
Health experts from Montrose to Mesa County say it's all around us here in Western Colorado. They say radon forms as uranium decomposes below the ground -- and because the Western Slope has a lot of uranium in the ground naturally, the chances of residents being exposed to radon is much higher than other parts of the country."
Radon: The Silent Killer:


Proud of your name? Join the club

From Friday's Globe and Mail
March 5, 2009 at 9:59 PM EST
Wendy Russ says it started back in elementary school. Classmates chimed 'Wiinndy' every time it got blustery outside. After that, it only got worse.
Teenage boys snickered when the Wendy's fast-food chain came out with the slogan: 'Where's the beef?' Then came the 'hot, juicy burger' campaign. 'You can imagine how that went over,' says Ms. Russ, who lives in Arkansas.
Still, she loved her name because it's different 'but not weird.' So as the Internet heated up in the early 1990s, she snapped up wendy.com — which soon became a beacon for Wendys worldwide."
"So those Freds are going to have to watch out," Ms. Russ says.
The site now represents an organization of 90 members who've bonded over nicknames (Wendikins, Wendorama, Wendy Lou Who) and favourite movie characters (Wendy Darling of Peter Pan). A revamp of the website is now in the works; there's even talk of a Wendy convention.

globeandmail.com: Proud of your name? Join the club:

(Note: I have been a member of the World Wide Wendy's since 1996 -- http://www.wendy.com/)