Birds in my Backyard

After the small herd of deer that frequented my backyard over the winter I guess my newest tenants shouldn't be a big surprise.


Colorado Wildfires

"3 die in Colorado wildfires; storm could aid firefighters
Apr 16, 2008 (12:30p CDT)
By IVAN MORENO (Associated Press Writer)

ORDWAY, Colo. - Firefighters resumed the battle Wednesday against three wildfires that blazed across thousands of acres of grass, forcing hundreds of residents to evacuate and leading to the deaths of two firefighters and a pilot.

One of the fires was unchecked and still growing Wednesday morning.
Wind gusted up to 50 mph along the Rocky Mountain Front Range and eastern plains on Tuesday, fanning flames that had spread across 8,900 acres - or 14 square miles - of grassland near Ordway. Authorities told all 1,200 residents of the town to leave, and they had not been allowed back in Wednesday."

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Pray instead of Protest

Dear Editor,

A few weeks ago, several groups of people banded together to “protest” the death of 4,000 of our soldiers in the war on terror in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world. For several weeks beforehand they watched as the numbers crept up, looking for the death that would signal the symbolic turn to 4,000.

For their protest march, which actually comprised a number of different grievances all gathered for one rally and parade, they placed little crosses in the ground to symbolize each of those lost protecting our freedom.

We support their right to gather, their right to discuss and their right to disagree; after all, it is our sons and daughters who are fighting in every corner of the globe so that they can have that right. What we find unacceptable is the group’s hijacking of our children’s service and memories to promote their protest, a protest that most of us strongly disagree with. Do they have the permission from each of the families of the fallen to use their child’s name and memory? Do they really believe that those families and those sons and daughters want their sacrifices used for propaganda that cheapens what they have given?

No one grieves more than a mother for a child who has made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, and no one has the right to cheapen or waste that sacrifice by using the deaths of our children for their propaganda. Our children are our blessings, our pride and our joy. We are the Blue Star Mothers, the proud mothers of children who have volunteered to serve our country. We have our shared memories of raising our children, we pray for them daily no matter where they are. We are the ones who wait for phone calls, letters and e-mails, and who rush to locations across the country to welcome them home, whether it is safely into our arms, for healing in a hospital or to lay them gently in the ground.

The men and women who serve are not a tool for protests. They are not a number to be discussed and argued over. They are serving a noble purpose. Those who say they support the troops but disagree with the war should change their tactics. Our children will come home when the job is done. Let’s support them to get the job done. Instead of rallies of protest, why not gather cards and letters of support, simple but necessary supplies that our troops need, food items, etc., and bring them to Blue Star Moms to send overseas. Instead of protesting on a corner, hold a car wash and use the money to purchase needed equipment in a rehab facility. Instead of signs of protest, fly signs reminding people of what you are grateful for that our country offers — that will stop traffic! Look for the similarities, not always the differences, that make us the United States of America.

Fly your flag, celebrate that all of us in America have the freedom to choose, and then, please pray for our children who have chosen to defend the freedom for all of us.

Grand Valley Blue Star Mothers, Colorado Chapter #4
Theresa Bloom,
Wendy Hoffman,
Ricki Gavell,
Karol Feltman,
Julie Dominguez,
Patricia Wheeler,
Anne Marie Boden,
Suzanne Daniels,
Sheila Decocq,
Robin Wade,
Juli Ingram,
Kathy Gosselin

Grand Junction Free Press - Letters to the Editor: "Pray instead of protest"

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